Frequently Asked Questions

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Q?Are calls stored in case I need to refer back to my appointment?
A. Because HiTech-Doctors is cloud-based, a complete audio/visual record of your online consultation can be stored seamlessly for future access.

Q?How can I be assured that my consultation is private?
A. Military -grade security encryption safeguards the privacy of your online doctor visit. HiTech-Doctors is HIPAA compliant.

Q?Is the service offered nation wide?
A.Doctor networks may not be available in every state during the launch period but will be phased in.

Q?What is the recommended web browser for me to use on the HiTech-Doctors portal?
A.We suggest using the latest versions of either Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Our system does not work with either Internet Explorer or Edge.

Q?Why would I use the service as opposed to going to see a provider in medical offices?
A.The online service offers you an opportunity to be treated in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The convenience of being treated at home is preferable to being in a busy waiting room or packed hospital. It is an alternate solution for those who are unable to get to a hospital or doctor.

Q?As a provider licensed in a particular state, can I consult with a patient that lives in another state?
A.Providers may only conduct online consultations with patients who are residents or physically present in the state in which the provider is licensed.

Q?As a provider, can I determine the times I wish to consult with patients online?
A.You will construct your own availibility schedule. You can set up a regular appointment schedule and/or an on call schedule.

Q?Can I bring in another consultant to my appointment with my patient?
A.Other providers can be conferenced in, as well as the patient’s family members or care-givers, even if they are hundreds of miles away. All third party attendees have to be registered first on HiTech-Doctors.

Q?Can my online appointments be stored for referring back to at any time?
A.Because HiTech- Doctors is cloud-based, a complete audio/visual record of your online consultation can be stored seamlessly for future access.

Q?How often will my appointment calendar be updated?
A.Your calendar will be updated immediately with any appointments that are made.

Q?Will I need to bill the patients I see?
A. At the time of scheduling the appointment your scheduler will insert the correct co-pay amount which will be paid promptly to the practice each Friday. As regards billing you use the same CPT codes as you would in your office with a modifier. Please note that Medicare does not pay for online visits.