Better Communication is Better Care

Here are the steps you can take to ensure success.


Enrollment is easy and a HiTech-Doctor’s agent will register all users in your practice or call HiTech-Doctors at 480-588-2512.

Launch and Training

Our agent will schedule training in your office for all providers and users. As an alternative, this can be done on-line as well.

We will send e-mail to all of your patients and inform them of your use of our system for e-visits.

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Our support staff will work closely with your practice to make sure that the implementation and activation is smooth and seamless and that agreed goals are met.

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$25 for providers for a lifetime enrollment (the practice never sees a charge from HiTech-Doctors again).

$25 lifetime enrollment per patient and the only other charge the patient will see is $10 per visit.


You insert the co-pay or cash charge at the time of scheduling the visit. HiTech-Doctors bills the patient $10 per call for our service.

Call 480-588-2512 to speak with a manager now!

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