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MicroLife Deluxe Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (Model: BP3NA1-1X)

This deluxe automatic blood pressure monitor can store up to 99 memory entries for two users and features BP analyzer software, hypertension indicator, irregular heartbeat detection, memory averaging and and easy-fit arm cuff (fits arms 8.7″ to 18.1″).


MicroLife ProCheck Compact Ear Thermometer (Model: IR1DY1-1-PRO)

The innovative infrared ear thermometer uses FeverGlow™ technology allowing the LCD screen to glow green for a normal reading and red for a fever reading of 99.5° or higher. It features one second read time, auto shut-off, beeps when ready, stores 20 measurements and measures body, ambient and object temperatures.


Endoscope Flex Camera (Model: HT-7545-LGX)

Flexible USB endoscope camera that allows you to easily show your provider anything on your body.  Comes equipped with LED front lighting for enhanced visibility even in low light settings.